Working with companies across Florida and the U.S. to solve and eliminate manufacturing and production motor control headaches...

We are specialists in the field of AC and DC motors, and custom motor controllers. We bring older, outdated and no-longer-supported equipment back to life for years of additional production.

Electrical Engineering Specialists

AC and DC Motor Control Experts

Custom Control Panel Construction

Equipment Rewiring and Retrofitting

We're constantly amazed at the awful, jerry-rigged, barely operational motor-controlled equipment that many manufactures simply put up with —
even though it's costing them thousands in repairs, downtime and maintenance EVERY SINGLE MONTH. We'd like to fix that.

From the small single drive unit or motor control panel to the large drives or multiple drive control systems, we have the knowledge and ability to repair, refurbish, update, design and build the equipment you need to keep your shop at full production.

Our Engineers and Applications Sales personnel have been in the Drive and motor control industry for many years and have a wealth of knowledge in many different industries, this allows us to be able to produce Industrial Automation machine control systems that will provide years of reliable, trouble-free productive operation.

Many engineering companies say they can create effective controls but end up delivering unworkable systems. We have many happy customers who have written testimonials which show that we can and do produce a product that does exactly what we specify in writing it will do.

We are interested in the wellbeing of our customer and their machine control systems and provide excellent service long after the equipment has been installed. Our customers tend to remain with us and we have many long term relationships resulting in good friendships lasting many years.

See our Completed Projects pages to fully understand the capabilities we can bring to your plant or facility. You DON'T have to live with older equipment that is constantly failing on you. The addition of modern digital and/or analog controllers can breathe life into your aging equipment. If we can bring a century-old boring machine back to fully productive life, we can fix, update or upgrade your equipment.

Based in Florida, SID-TEC offers the highest quality of service and products for customers in industries ranging from paper mills, energy plants, manufacturing facilities of all types, monorail trains, medical technology systems and more.

Reasons to use SID-TEC:

1) SID-TEC provides the complete machine operation control as has been requested and promised. The equipment works exactly as the customer needs and expects. SID-TEC meets and usually exceeds the customer’s requirements and expectations.

2) SID-TEC provides prompt complete service and product delivery, are there when we say we will be and the equipment is delivered on time as specified.

3) SID-TEC has the technical expertise and experience and have selected the most appropriate, best suited product lines that allow SID-TEC to produce these accurate, dependable and operator friendly controls system needed for the many different applications.

4) SID-TEC provides timely competent service and support for all of its customers.

5) At SID-TEC we strive to keep prices in line with the equipment requirements and the project specifications, we are constantly told that we provide an excellent value for money.

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