Single Phase DC Drives

Product Details

This family of single phase DC drives with isolated control circuitry, is designed to meet the most exacting requirements of high performance systems builders. It is a range of full featured products using advanced manufacturing technologies to give unequaled value and functionality to OEMs and System Integrators with world wide markets and demanding applications.

Reliable, quick and easy to use

Standard or fully loaded, the new general purpose AC GP2 drive is designed to provide the best performance value for the money, with ease of use and set up, and outstanding reliability. The perfect drive for many factory applications.


Approvals: CE

Linear torque control

Armature voltage or tach feedback

Calibration range switches

Speed reference 0-10V or 4-20mA

Maximum and minimum speed settings

Adjustable current limit

Current range switch selectable (not on 400i)

Independently adjustable up and down ramps

150% overload capacity, 30 second stall timer

Stall relay contact output (transistor on 400i)

Zero speed relay contact (transistor on 400i)

Control fuses fitted (power fuse on 400i)

Start inhibit after power loss

Power on and stall indicator LEDs

Speed signal output

Current signal output

Ramp signal output

Total demand signal output

Dual supply voltage 110/230VAC, 50/60Hz

Suitable for shunt or PM motors

IR compensation

Stability adjustment

Optional Features

Additional Regen Drive Features

  • Speed reference +/-10V or 4-20mA
  • Speed trim input
  • Independent up & down ramps in Fwd & Rev
  • Separate adjustable current limits motor/brake

Torque control in either 2 or 4 quadrants

Relay for Stall, Zero speed, Reverse, Overload

Control fuses fitted

Fast, ramped or coast stop

LEDs for + current, – current, stall & stall timer

Momentary contact for reversing applications

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3 Phase PL or PLX Drives

Product Details

3Phase DC Drives Non-Regen Models.

  • 240 VAC Supply 240 VDC at 10 – 200HP.
  • 480 VAC Supply 500 VDC at 20 – 400HP.

3Phase DC Drives Regen, Reversing Models.

  • 240 VAC Supply 240 VDC at 10 – 150HP.
  • 480 VAC Supply 500 VDC at 20 – 300HP.

Large 3Phase DC Drives Non-Regen Models.

  • 480 VAC Supply 500 VDC at 20 – 1380HP.
  • 700 VAC Supply 700 VDC at 550 – 1940HP.

Standard Features

• Totally digitally controlled

• Basic peer-to-peer link

• 40 character backlit display

• Flexible plug in I/O

• RS 232 Serial Port

Field Regulator

• Field weakening

• Field economy

Programmable Control Functions

• PID loop

• Winder

• Orientation

Feedback Options

• Analog Tach

• Encoder

• Armature feed back

• Auto-tune


• UL, C-UL, CE

Optional Features

• Peer-to-peer Ethernet communications

• SFD Programming control

• Modbus TCP and EIP over Ethernet

• Modbus RTU RS485 serial port

• Devicenet

• Profibus DP


To order call (727) 581-5620

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