Completed Projects:  Clients whose AC and DC Motors and Drive problems were solved by SID-TEC

Instead of fighting their equipment or putting up
with continuing maintenance and downtime, these companies called us to FIX their machines...

The following are real world examples of how the experts at SID-TEC were able to quickly diagnose and create workable solutions to major equipment problems for the following companies. The awful fact is that MANY manufacturing, production and service companies simply live with ongoing equipment motor control problems, frequent breakdowns, lost production time and expensive, frequent maintenance. Instead of wasting tons of time and money, SID-TEC can figure out the correct solutions that actually FIX the problems. Read these examples:

Upgrading controls for the main bascule bridge at NASA's Stennis Space Center rocket testing site

NASA’s Stennis Space Center’s  large bascule bridge which crosses the locks and the Pearl River canal. SID-TEC was awarded the contract to design, build and program all of the control equipment used for the raising and lowering of the bridge. The bridge is used to haul rocket engines and all road-shipped equipment into the facility. The river, locks and canals are used to ship rocket fuel and other equipment onto the site by barge. The bridge raises to allow barges and equipment to pass safely under it.


Machine control, drive control cabinets designed and built by SID-TEC for GE Instrument Transformers of Clearwater, Florida.

Design and build of 3-pump control system that delivers a 35% reduced enerygy and cost savings

A three-stage vertical pump system to handle the waste water Lift Station tank levels at different flow and rate conditions, if one pump is not enough the the second pump comes on and if that is still not enough then all three pumps come on which is the maximum discharge rate for the pump station.


SID-TEC redesign solves production timing speed and reliability problems for MTS Technologies medication blister pack machine...

MTS manufactures and sells automated packaging equipment designed to create blister packs for pills and medications. SID-TEC engineered a workable series of solutions that eliminated the speed and timing bottlenecks so that the equipment could function efficiently without errors and breakdowns.


SID-TEC helps Duke Energy power plant regain control of its coal unloader.

SID-TEC updates propulsion motor controls for Tampa International Airport's parking lot transport trains...

Tampa's parking shuttle trains had problems controlling their front and rear electric propulsion motors, creating a stuttering, bumpy ride for passengers. SID-TEC engineers worked out a solution by creating an electronic traction control system, which provided unified speed control of all motors. With all motors working together, customers now experience a smooth ride from their cars to the main terminal and back again.


SID-TEC eliminates downtime and maintenance problems on older analog sheet metal slitting equipment for GE Instrument Transformers...

The dual loop slitter at GE had been running on mismatched motor generator sets that were using ancient vacuum tubes and rheostat levers. SID-TEC provided a revolutionary control system replacement with every feature provided using the latest leading edge digital technology, converting the machine into a predictable and reliable main line production machine.


Machine control, drive control cabinets designed and built by SID-TEC for GE Instrument Transformers of Clearwater, Florida.

SID-TEC updates transformer core winding machine with production enhancements and programmable touch screen controls...

This Schumann Core Winding machine was upgraded and now boasts a touch screen HMI (Human to Machine Interface) that provides operators and adjusters with additional advanced features that speed up product changes and eliminate guesswork. The machine now delivers reliable production with enhanced safety features such as dual palm button controls, E/Stop circuit control modules and light curtains for operator safety.


SID-TEC solves problems for Quebec company making peat moss absorbance boards...

The engineering challenges faced on this project were staggering. Many of the technologies used in this machine were invented on the spot by our SID-TEC engineer to solve problems unique to this equipment and raw material. Several previous engineers from other companies had tried and failed to work out solutions, but only SID-TEC was able to create the engineering breakthroughs needed to bring the project off to a successful conclusion.


SID-TEC helps Duke Energy decrease expenses and gain full control of its 30-ton Crystal River, Florida clamshell coal barge unloader...

Having to work on Duke's barge unloader with its 1200Amp DC drives that had unpredictable speed control problems was terrifying. The arc-flash potential was high and the uncontrolled motor response was violent and unpredictable. SID-TEC put micro-processor based DC Drive front end controllers (PLX-D) onto the 1200 amp power stacks. These controllers were mounted into enclosures and mounted outside the main power equipment using Ethernet-based controls to eliminate control wiring and provide a stable and predictable working solution.


SID-TEC does a complete motor control update of Duke Energy's massive SA Trenching Stacker/Reclaiming machine...

The 6 travel drives and motors that are used to move Duke's coal trenching stacker/reclaimer up and down the tracks were using DC shunt wound motors fed from a single DC drive and using field balancing resistors to set the individual speed of each motor. Calibration of these drives would take days and was therefore rarely done, resulting in high maintenance, burned out motors and a very unreliable machine. All this changed and became problem-free with SID-TEC's solutions.


Trenching stacker reclaimer motor controls design and upgrade.

SID-TEC increases production speed and eliminates bouncing with an AC drive retrofit on Duke Energy's Svedala Slewing Stacker/Reclaimer...

The customer had many problems with the machine. The PLC program was full of cross referencing issues that it made operating the machine difficult. There was excessive bouncing of the bucket wheel and outer slew arm making reclaiming impossible at the needed 2000 tons per hour, forcing them to reclaim at 600 tons per hour. The multiple errors on a single drive were damaging the motor, gearboxes and couplings, and the machine operation was unreliable. SID-TEC was contracted to upgrade the motor and drive controls and to recreate the motor control system so that it was easy to set and use with the machine able to produce the tons per hour required.


SID-TEC helps Florida Handling Systems design, build and program an automated guided vehicle...

Power system, collision avoidance system and programmable destination controls designed and installed in an in-factory materials transport system for a company manufacturing formed steel structural beams and trusses.


SID-TEC solves and improves speed control problems on a hundred-year old dual turret boring mill that was used to build WW2 tank turrets...

Buying the latest equipment and replacing older DC drives with AC drives is not always the best solution. This old 30 HP low speed DC motor outputs as much torque as a new 150HP AC Vector Duty motor! It is part of a 100 year old dual vertical boring mill built by the King Machine Company of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1902. Our upgrades and motor control enhancements will provide decades more useful life to this strong old warrior.


SID-TEC designs an accurate speed over tension range control system with advanced unwinding and rewinding controls...

The machine was plagued with continuous tension errors coupled with erratic speed and tension transients. This caused uneven layering of the color on the film with reverse curl and uneven rewinding of the rolls, this caused the film to become scratched and marked. Setting the machine up took a long time and there was a lot of wasted product and the operators were reluctant to speed up the machine once they had got it running so production runs were much longer than needed.


Plastics blown film extrusion die mold and ring.

DC drive retrofit brings overheating problems under control for plastic extrusion machinery...

The blown film extruder line was still in good working order, but the existing DC drive was malfunctioning and the machine's manufacturer was no longer in business. Suncoast Plastics ordered a new drive cabinet from SID-TEC to replace the existing equipment and to provide a working reliable solution to the intermittent tripping out of the worn out and overheating drive system.


More Completed Projects to come soon...

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