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You shouldn't be living with unsolved, continuing equipment problems!
SID-TEC will review and fully debug your machinery so it works without problems...

Our services all have one final result: Your equipment working the way it should, with no breakdowns, constant maintenance or long downtimes. Instead of putting up with aging, outmoded or faulty machines, give us a call. We're specialists with AC and DC motors and controllers, and the programming they need to bring your equipment up to FULL workability. You're most likely wasting more every year (or even every month) in lost production than what it will cost actually FIX your equipment.

Bringing Dead or Outmoded Equipment Back to Useful Life

PRODUCT APPLICATION ENGINEERING AND SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING: In many cases machine manufacturers have made equipment in a manner that is proprietary to themselves. This holds the customer hostage to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for support, spare parts and service at great expense. When these companies go out of business, these machines become non-serviceable.  SID-TEC has the ability to convert these systems into a control system that can be supported and where spare parts are available. From a description of operation our engineers will recreate any operating software to allow the machine to function as good as, or better than before.

GE INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS: Photos at left show the before and after back plates for GE's Schumann Core Winding machine which had a machine tool type HMI (Human to Machine Interface) and Siemens Programmable Logic Controller no longer supported or available. SID-TEC converted this over to modern non-proprietary equipment to take care of the specific problems, but also included a standard touch screen and widely available Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and rewrote the software to not only handle the machine functions but also added setup and operator debugging tools.

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Product Technical Support

WE'LL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE Service after the sale: Where a customer has purchased a motor control product from SID-TEC we provide phone support to assist the factory personnel to correctly apply and program the equipment so as to attain the best results with the greatest longevity and reliable operation. We'll be here if you have future problems, have questions or need help with the products you've purchased from us.

Give us a call at (727) 581-5620.

On-Site Field Service

WE'LL QUICKLY DIAGNOSE AND RESTORE YOUR EQUIPMENT AT YOUR LOCATION: SID-TEC provides trouble shooting of machine controls and motor controls in our customers' facilities. This service is provided for a wide range of equipment and brand name products in the machine control industry.

Our extensive knowledge and ability allows us to get the majority of these machines up and running in a very short amount of time.

Give us a call at (727) 581-5620.

Custom-Built Machine Controls

NEW EQUIPMENT DESIGNED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS: SID-TEC provides a service where the customer provides a written specification of the desired features required for a system along with the size of the motors or heaters or whatever is required, we will then build a machine control system to meet these requirements. In some instances customers have purchased and or built different physical machine parts and created a custom machine to suit their needs, SID-TEC has built a custom control system to provide the machine functions and controls required.

GE INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS: The before and after photos show the motor control panels with the new control system updated to provide the customer with all the features they wanted and needed, all while making operation easier and trouble free.

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Jet envelope printing machne rewired by SID-TEC.
Jet envelope printing machine before the controls were rewired.


Jet envelope printing machine controls after rewiring by SID-TEC. DC drives.


Machine Rewiring

REWIRING OLDER EQUIPMENT CAN BE THE SOLUTION FOR A WIDE RANGE OF PROBLEMS: The greatest source of control problems in any machine control system is loose or bad connections. This produces excessive heat in the wire and its connection part causing damage to both. These types of problem normally go undetected as they are difficult to locate because the machines control becomes erratic and problematic, in an attempt to solve these problems the maintenance people often increase the size of fuse or circuit breaker being used. This only allows the problem to become much larger as now the poor circuit has a greater current flow. This normally goes on for quite some time and the damage can become extensive, where groups of wires are touching each other the heat created will damage the insulation on all the wires. In machine control systems with these type of problems we have found that the wiring is torn apart and looks like a birds nest with wire going everywhere, wire numbers missing or damaged so they are no longer legible and partial voltage reading across a wire area of the controls which just further exaggerate the problems. The only way to truly remedy this situation is to tear out all the damaged wiring, replace the damaged components and rewire the entire machine.

JET ENVELOPE PRINTING MACHINE: The before photo shows the machine as we found it, with mangled and burned out wiring. The fuse protection had been bypassed, causing wires to melt together and  causing fatal damage to the internal components. The control is part of a Jet Envelope printing machine. Our solution for the client was to replace the damaged parts and completely rewire the machine controls, as shown in the bottom photo. This provided equipment protection and reliable operation, and a predictable production press working as it was designed to do.


Machine Retrofits

RETROFITTING AGING EQUIPMENT GIVES NEW LIFE AND PRODUCTIVITY: There are a large number of instances where the physical machine mechanical structure is in good condition, and with some maintenance can be put into a good working order. The machine should work well for many more years but the electrical controls have out lived their life expectancy and need to be replaced.

  • Parts may no longer available or the manufacturer is no longer manufacturing and supporting the product.
  • The manufacturer may no longer be in business or has been bought out by a larger company and the product is no longer available.
  • At times it is because the equipment is old and outdated, such as an old analog system.

In these instances SID-TEC would design a new control system in full to replace all the controls using updated equipment which is currently available and will be supported by the manufacturer for the foreseeable future. Doing this has great benefits providing much improved control accuracy, speed of processing, reliability, user friendly and predictable which allow the machine to produce an improvement of quality with repeated reliable production.

BLOWN FILM PLASTICS EXTRUDER: The before photo shows the old DC drive with it’s malfunctioning components creating lots of additional heat. The only way the company could get it to run was to open the panel door and place a large fan in front of it. The After photo shows the replacement DC drive completely matching all of the functions of the old unit. The retrofit allows the company to get excellent production out of an existing machine at a fraction of the cost of replacing the machine, and should extend the useful life of the machine for many years to come.

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DC microprocessor based motor speed controller for plastics extruder.


Old analog DC 6 drive upgraded by SID-TEC.


Plastics blown film extrusion die mold and ring.

Our electrical engineering expertise will solve your long term machinery problems.

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