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Electrical engineering specialists, masters of AC and DC motors and drives used in automation and manufacturing.

We are electrical engineering specialists with unique skills and training to sort out your electrical motors and drives so that they work the way they should. The following testimonials and the various Completed Projects listed on this site are proof that we are problem solvers, with expertise in electrical motor control engineering and related technologies that is uncommon even amongst highly trained professionals.

Some of our past and present clients:

We have been a collated nail manufacturer in Fort Pierce, Florida since 1993 and we were always looking for a qualified electrical engineer that could help us with our electronic needs.

"Mike Holdsworth [of SID-TEC] has been helping us with our electrical needs in our plant since 2003. We were introduced to Mike by ABB Controls, when we had a problem with one of their units. His company was their independent authorized repair facility. He was very knowledgeable with their units and was able to repair the unit in a very short time. He also recommended things we could do to improve the electrical operations of our machinery. In 2004 and 2005 we were badly damaged by three hurricanes and Mike was instrumental in helping us get back running again. We had massive electrical problems after those hurricanes and he helped us fix many of the problems we had at that time. On our largest machine our electrical controls were destroyed during the hurricanes and Mike made us a new electrical control cabinet which simplified and improved the operation of that line.

"In 2009 we moved the production side of our company to the Dominican Republic in order to compete with Chinese imports and Mike went to the DR twice to help us with the electrical setup. We have an electrical engineer on staff in the DR and Mike has worked with him with electrical problems we have faced down there. Our electrical engineer in the DR considers Mike a very knowledgeable and capable engineer and has very much respect for Mike’s abilities.

"As the CEO of Treasure Coast Fasteners, I consider Mike an excellent electrical engineer with extensive knowledge and experience with machine controls. Also I consider him a friend that you can count on when you need him. I would highly recommend Mike Holdsworth with any electrical needs or problems you may have at your facilities."

— John Dees – President

Treasure Coast Fasteners, Inc.

Medical Technology Systems, Inc. has contracted the services of SID TEC to complete several important strategic products for our Company. These projects have required substantial software developments of programmable logic computers. PLC’s, as well as the design and programming of electronic printed circuit boards to provide complicated functionality for our packaging equipment (a unique medication dispensing system that we have developed). Mike Holdsworth’s work has always been above standard, timely and performed with the same commitment as if he were one of our own employees. We would highly recommend (SID TEC) and Mike Holdsworth to perform any work for your company, which is in their area of expertise."


— T. Siegel

an Omnicell® company

Mr. Holdsworth — I just wanted to take the time and thank you for your quick help in installing the new AC drive on our equipment. Once again you are the firm to turn to when other companies can’t, or in our case, don’t know how to get the job done. Please feel free to use me as a satisfied customer reference. I would be more than happy to speak to anybody regarding two very difficult repairs you completed for me."


R. Scully

Bay Pines

Being a 24 hours per day 7 day a week operation, down time is very critical and costly item to us. Mike’s response has been exceptional and his knowledge of power controls has been a very valuable tool for our company. It is our intention to use SID-TEC as our power controls expertise organization."


— H. D. Johnson

Southern Film Extruders

In our industrial paint line we have a DC drive motor that is cooled by a three phase 480 volt AC blower motor. We had lost several blower motors which ran excessively hot and burned out. After discussing this with SID-TEC, they designed a three phased power filter for our blower motor circuit. This power filter has significantly decreased our downtime; the motor now runs at normal temperature. This has eliminated the need for replacing motors."

— Dave Roberts

Head of Maintenance

Cooper Coil Coating, Inc.

Mike was the answer to our problems, he responded in a timely manner with solutions, worked with us on setting up our new systems. The unloader ran better than it ever had. Thanks again Mike."


— W. Shaffer

Duke Energy

Just a quick note to express our appreciation for you getting us out of a jam when our Wiedeman Multi-Turret Punch Press went down. After 4 days of us fumbling with the controls, you had it running in less than an hour after you arrived. The most impressive part of this Service Call is: You had never seen this Machine before, and armed only with an electrical blueprint, you were able to diagnose and correct the problem in minutes. Of course, this isn’t the first time you’ve rescued us. I’m just glad I kept your business card from the first service call in 1997. If you need a referral or a recommendation for a prospective new client, please have them contact me."


J. Borzoni

Trevor-Martin Corporation

In order for us to adapt to a changing environment as well as remain competitive in our existing markets we had a real need to upgrade our equipment. We contacted SID-TEC for assistance. They understood our need and provided us with the options to achieve our goals. The work was completed within the given time frame with results we expected. The proof was in the increased output, decreased scrap and wider operating parameters. SID-TEC gave us exactly what we needed, when we needed it with a proven payback."


— J. Vrchotick

Cooper Coil Coating, Inc.

FHS [Florida Handling Systems] acknowledges the high level of competence and expertise displayed by SID-TEC in solving complex programming and electrical issues to deliver a premium product to our customer. I would highly recommend SID-TEC to anyone needing industrial or commercial programming and electrical control expertise."


David Vives

Florida Handling Systems Inc.

As one of the owners and operators of Bay Motor Winding, I have seen quite a bit of change and innovation in the last thirty years. The most significant innovation I have seen is the ability to control the speed of an AC motor with a VFD. This huge discovery has saved unimaginable amounts of energy when the applications are used on most fans, pumps and variable torque applications. There has been a big push to replace the old work horse of the variable speed motor industry, the DC Motor. At the same time these electronic starters [VFD’s, Soft-starters] are gaining a foothold. The “old timers”, the engineers that knew DC technology, have been retiring and leaving the workforce. The new engineers know very little about DC starters. The manufacturers and their sales reps are pushing the latest greatest AC drive and motor retrofit replacement. Never mind that the application that they are planning on re-engineering has worked beautifully for over 50 years — with very little down time.

"The application I am referring to was on a huge vertical mill in a local machine shop. Bay Motor had kept the machine running for the last ten years or so with no support from any manufacturer. The mill dated back to 1902 built by King Machine from Cincinnati Ohio. From what I was told it was used during its life time to machine tank turrets during WWII.  The components consisted of a GE DC motor/generator to provide the DC voltage, an extremely worn out Word Lenard manual starter and a Crocker Heller DC Motor.  The starter had been patched up and tinkered with for years and it was way past worn out.

"Every other component on this lathe was in remarkable shape. It just needed the controls to be upgraded. We heard from several manufacturers reps about the benefits of switching from “that old DC stuff” to new modern AC components. Newer and better technology was all they could rant and rave about.

"I kept going back to the fact it had worked beautifully for over a century, why throw the baby out with the bathwater?  Once I decided we were going to stick with the DC Motor and replace the old motor generator and mechanical starter with a DC Drive, the search began.  It took me over six months of asking everyone in the industry about this project. I was finally introduced to Mike and Joe with SID-TEC. After the initial visit to the job site by Joe we had a plan. We were able to propose the solution to the owner Ricky Bishop of Specialty Machine and were given the approval immediately.

"SID-TEC designed and built the controller at the facility in Clearwater and shipped it with all of the controls to Gulfport within weeks. The following week, Mike Holdsworth the head of engineering at SID-TEC showed up to oversee the install and commission the job. Upon installation and startup of the system, we discovered the old DC Motor had been limping along under half power. We pulled the motor, brought it back to our shop (only minutes away) and rebuilt it. This gave Mike a few days to hit the links. Once the rebuilt motor was in place, Mike was back on the jobsite tuning and programming and training the machinist on the operation of the system.

"SID-TEC proved to me that they can make an old DC machine operate better than it did when it was new.  The speed control of this motor is so smooth. The quality of the products produced are better than before. When working with SID-TEC on this project, I knew we would have a positive outcome. With SID-TEC as part of my team, I now search out DC control projects."

— Patrick Benvenutti, Bay Motor Winding
Gulfport, Mississippi

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